Beers from Tap

Primus 25cl 33cl 50cl 

Abbey of Tongerlo 6°Nox (dark) 25cl 33cl 

Abbey of Tongerlo 6°Lux (blond) 25cl 33cl 

Abbey of Tongerlo Pax (kerstbier-seizoen) 25cl 33cl 

Tango (grenadine) 25cl 33cl 50cl

Mazout (cola) 25cl 33cl 50cl

Trappists (bottle)

Westmalle double 33cl 

Westmalle triple33cl 

Chimay blue 33cl 

Gueuze & Fruit beers

Old Gueuze Cuvée René(cork) 37cl 

Old Kriek/Cherry (cork) 37cl 

Gueuze Lindemans 25cl 

Kriek/Cherry 25cl 

Raspberry beer 25cl 

Wheat beer

Wheat beer of Haacht 33cl 

Mystic Kriek/Cherry 25cl 

Mystic Peach 25cl 

Abbey beers

Abbey of Tongerlo 6°Nox (dark) 25cl 33cl

Abbey of Tongerlo 6°Lux (blond) 25cl 33cl

Abbey of Tongerlo Pax (Christmass-season) 25cl 33cl

Abbey of Tongerlo 9° Prior 33cl

Amber beer

Special 1900 25cl

Specialty beers

Gildenbier 25cl

Rodenbach 25cl

Rodenbach 'Grand Cru' 33cl

Keizer Karel robijn 33cl

Keizer Karel blond 33cl

Ommegang 33cl

Duvel 33cl

Low Alcohol 25cl

Super 8 - Specialty beers Haacht

Witte van Haacht 33cl

Indian Pale Ale (IPA) 33cl

Saison 33cl

Flandrien 33cl

Beers in good company

To taste and savour together.

Ommegang 75cl

Keizer Karel blond 75cl

Keizer Karel robijn 75cl

Chimay blue 75cl

Chimay blond 75cl


Choix de Rimay (dry) glass/bottle

red - white - rosé

Rivaner (sweetish) glass/bottle


Mas d’Ancosa brut glass/bottle



Martini (red - white - fiero) 

Kir (Moselle Cassis)

Porto (red - white) 

Sherry (dry)

Waters & Soft drinks

Mineral water 25cl (sparkling - still)

Pepsi 20cl

Pepsi max 20cl

Tonic 25cl

Bitter Lemon 25cl

Val limonade agrumes 25cl

Val limonade orange 25cl

Val limonade citrus 25cl

Ice Tea 25cl

Warm drinks


Coffee with whiped cream

Hot Chocolat (supl. whiped cream)

Latte Macchiato

Warm Milk 

Minutesoup (tomato-pea+ham-chicken)


Tea (black/green/rosehip/mint/chamomille/linden

Gluhwine with herbs and honey

Fruit Juice & Diverses

Orange juice

Apple juice

Pinapple juice

Apple-cherry juice

Tomato juice

Multi fruit juice 'Ace'

Red fruit juice 'Ace Red'

Grape juice




Chips salt-paprika

Portion of salted nuts

Cheese cubes + mustard

Salami cubes + mustard

Cheese-salami cubes mixed + mustard